When you watch a network show, what sticks with you?


Our client wanted to explore with consumers some potential storylines of a network show.


The client’s goal was to uncover the most memorable and watchable themes and moments, and then use these insights to highlight the strongest elements in on- and off-network promotional commercials.


Marketry facilitated nine focus groups with various viewer segments in three cities. Along with other exercises, our iPad Snapshot technique was used throughout the group to view, rank, and vote for concepts. Live results were streamed mid-group to the moderator and backroom to guide further probing.

  • Viewers’ experience was highly personalized
  • Screen and headphones enhanced sound and picture clarity
  • Spots could be re-watched
  • Format allowed for rich conversations and directional voting
  • Viewers’ thoughts and feedback were¬†uninfluenced by others
  • Moderator could quickly probe results for more insights
Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of television programming to understand the direction a network show should take.