Why don't users take full advantage of online banking tools?


Our client is a financial services provider that wanted to know why its broad consumer base used some online tools more than others, with a goal of encouraging more online banking.


Although consumers were aware of an array of online banking features and products, they were not fully using them. Our client needed to understand the barriers so they could successfully encourage a more robust use of the website.


We moderated a series of Online Video Focus Groups with consumers from across the country, including participants of different ages, attitudes and socio-economic segments. Using a web cam allowed us to present and consumers to rank, poll, mark-up, and highlight an array of stimuli, including messages, ideas, stories, and videos. Our clients were able to watch the group sessions live from their desks and guide the discussion via private chats with the moderator.

  • Reduced travel time and costs
  • Broad story collection
  • Direct engagement with clients and consumers
  • Edited video in the final reporting
  • Easily shared feedback throughout the client’s organization
Studying a large and myriad group of consumers to understand habits of online banking.