How does the use of mowing and land management equipment differ across various regions of North America and Europe?


Our customer asked us to observe first-hand how mowing equipment was used in a wide range of settings and cultures to understand the operators’ daily work.


While the equipment may be the same across myriad communities, discovering the ways in which it is used and the particular challenges the drivers face was at the root of Marketry’s assignment.


Our team traveled extensively throughout the U.S., as well as to Canada, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, England, and France to see the user experience up close. With the help of translators, our moderators observed and noted how mowing is done in each location, including city parks, award-winning golf courses, and industrial settings.

  • Observing drivers in their home communities ensured authentic results
  • Unmet needs were easy to identify in a real-world setting
  • Follow-up interviews with owners and drivers enhanced our observation
  • Team debriefs captured insights and informed questions for the next day
  • Final results were presented in audio, video, and photo format
Understanding land, park and lawn managements' use of equipment.