What is it like to live with a chronic medical condition?


Our client is a long-standing pharmaceutical category leader that needed better information about patients’ and physicians’ daily lives and their relationship with each other.


Individuals with this diagnosis have an array of products to choose from, but our client wanted a deeper understanding of patients’ and physicians’ day-to-day experiences and unmet needs as they managed the condition.


To understand the condition and current dynamics, Marketry used a phased approach. First we captured insights from the client leadership team and their reps in the field. Second, we heard from patients and healthcare providers via telephone and our Revelation Revolution groups.

  • Revelation Revolution groups illuminated unspoken attitudes, habits and dynamics between patients, nurses, and physicians.
  • Combinations of doctors, nurses and patients stimulated new conversations
  • Gaps in information and understanding were quickly bridged
Experiences of patients and healthcare professionals shaped new product strategy innovations.