Grace Bottcher

Research Analyst and Moderator
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Grace Bottcher

Research Analyst and Moderator

As one of Marketry’s Research Moderators, Grace leads projects of all types but has a special expertise in millennial and youth research. Her proficiency with technology has pushed projects beyond the norm to embrace a creative design and unique implementation.

Her expertise in graphic design allows her to perfect reports, using video footage, images, and graphics to add another level of understanding to each phase of research. Her eye-catching designs make presentations captivating, allowing Marketry to tell the story behind the research in a more fluid and descriptive manner. She holds a BS in Marketing from the University of Alabama and is RIVA certified in Qualitative Analysis and Reporting, Fundamentals of Moderating, and Fundamentals of Qualitative Research. Currently, she serves as the Young Professional Special Interest Group Chair for QRCA (Qualitative Research Consultants Association).

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