New tools open up new insights.

Innovative Methods

We are big fans of throwing out convention. Sometimes you have to explore deeper, go into unknown territory, jump right into the consumer’s world. Our Innovative Methods help us do just that. And they don’t feel like research. They feel like fun for everyone involved and because of that, they get right to the heart of the customer experience and yield better insights to what consumers are really thinking.

Inventive tools encourage insightful feedback.
Curated Communities

Through Curated Communities, participants can leisurely chime in anywhere and anytime for the lifespan of the online forum. Participants upload photos and videos of their lives and product experience to add color to the stories they write and answers they share.

In-Home Expeditions

Nothing gets us closer than how, where, and why consumers use your products than in their own homes or offices. During these visits, Marketry and the client team act as observer/interviewers as consumers share their stories and their lives.

Fusion Sessions & Co-Creation

Fusion Sessions bring moderators, customers and client teams together to think through creative, come up with ideas for new products, or tackle big business questions. Co-Creation Workshops are a form of internal brainstorming where moderators facilitate client teams through in-person sessions discussing the ins and outs of research results and how it might impact strategy moving forward.

Video Vignettes

Moderators and videographers observe and interview participants onsite, capturing professional video footage to incorporate into deliverables. Marketry analyzes and pulls together the story that can be edited to your preferred style - for example, documentary, montage or insight.

Revelation Revolution Groups

A technique in which a sequence of focus groups take place. After group one's discussion, participants go behind the glass to observe and take notes on group two's conversation. Once individual sessions are completed, they come together as one large group to discuss differences and surprises that arose. This method brings unspoken ideas and relationship dynamics to life.

My Stories Mobile

In a digital world, accessibility is a necessity. Our capabilities allow both moderators and participants to partake in research on mobile devices. Whether we conduct live sessions or we request periodic uploads of images, videos, or text, it is important to be able to connect with people at their convenience.

ipad Snapshots

iPad Snapshots are great for capturing in-the-moment feedback on brand concepts, logos, and messaging. We often use this technique during in-person discussions to take live polls or show stimulus. iPad Snapshots take the guesswork out of gauging participants' true feelings and allow moderators and client teams to probe on live results.

Quasi Qual + Quant

Our innovative hybrid qual/quant research tools combine to provide insights on your marketing questions, all from one source. Quant research validates the qual with hard numbers, and qual stories bring the numbers to life.