Qualitative Techniques to use with Millennials and GenZ

Posted on November 26, 2019

We all know the focus for marketing and advertising these days – every brand is shining a light on the Millennial and GenZ generations. Brands are trying to understand both the emotional behaviors of these consumers and figure out how to make a lasting impression. The struggle companies face today is crafting campaigns to engage multiple life stages while winning their short attention spans from clouded media overload (they check their phones on average of 40 times per day!). As a result, we are seeing our clients conduct more qualitative research with these segments than any other segment in order to help internal teams understand and learn how to engage their future consumers.

Many of our clients are classifying and researching these segments differently, so we thought we would summarize our knowledge and expertise and help sort through it all.

Who are their most trusted sources?

  • WOM friends and family
  • WOM Online posts
  • Reviews/Blogs

What do brands to do be successful with them?

  • Authentic marketing and messaging
  • Strong online engagement
  • Quick communication
  • Personalized experience
  • Similar brand experience across platforms

Here are our best Millennial and Gen Z research practices…

Check out a project we did with teens across the country trying to uncover the pressures they face in social situations: https://marketryinc.com/our-approach/case-studies/youth-experience/