How do teenagers handle social pressures?


Our client wanted to better grasp the issues and triggers of peer pressure.


We asked teenagers to discuss the pressures they feel in social situations. Our goal was to understand their friend-group dynamics and how they would respond to specific messages online and on television.


Marketry met with adolescents across the country in casual group settings. We encouraged them to bring a friend with them knowing they would be more likely to share their stories with peer support. Because talking about feelings and behaviors is especially tricky for teens, we relied on techniques that helped them share their thoughts freely while avoiding judgment. For example, in the Psychographic Persona Drawing exercise, they drew illustrations of friends in specific social situations, which helps tease out stereotypes about others. It also helped illuminate secret truths the teens have about themselves but might be reluctant to share.

  • Casual get-togethers encouraged relaxation
  • Flexibility in attendees (including friends) helped build trust
  • Creative exercises allowed for free expression of thoughts and opinions
Social situations create intense pressures on young people.